As of February 2011, the Green Loans program is no longer available, however householders can still access a home sustainability assessment. Costs available upon application. A tailored home sustainability assessment will enable home owners to make improvements and reap the savings for less energy and water use around their homes.

  • The best water and energy saving changes your can make to your property;
  • Options to purchase energy and water saving devices; and
  • Practical information to help you get started.

People who make energy and water efficiency changes to their home reap the savings that come from using less energy and water.

Cost of living is not the only saving. At the same time, each household that improves its energy and water consumption reduces the carbon footprint of their home.

Consider that the average household contributes 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere – enough to fill 280,000 balloons- and draws an average 292,000 litres or 73,000 buckets of water.

Transforming our homes to be more energy efficient and water smart makes sense for our own cost of living and for the environment.

By making improvements to our homes today we can ensure that the homes of the next generation cost less to heat and cool, are more comfortable and contribute less carbon pollution.